Sunday, October 4, 2009

Randy Moss Sports Pink!

In a WEEI blog post this week, Randy Moss of the New England Patriots showed his support for Breast Cancer Awareness. He explained that there was some controversy over whether wearing pink was threatening to the traditional notion of masculinity, but he was proud to support the color nonetheless.

He thanked Reebok for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and for providing the players with the pink attire, but stated that teams sponsored by Nike did not wear pink. As Moss explains, “everybody wanted to wear pink” but some were unable to because Nike was not able to supply pink attire.

It’s good to hear that Randy Moss was excited to wear pink as a sign of support despite the controversies and to see many players sporting pink during Sunday’s games. However, it is disappointing to hear that ANY man would not be willing to support pink because of its feminine tie. It’s about time that these men give up their standardized masculine ideals. Sporting pink and supporting Breast Cancer Awareness will not turn a man into a woman or even lessen their masculinity.

It’s terribly unfortunate that Nike could not supply teams with pink attire. It’s about time that men like Randy Moss and more companies like Reebok that are active parts of considered masculine sports take a supportive stance on women’s issues and do away with the pink stigma.


  1. I noticed this too and thought it was really great to see so many players and coaches sporting pink this Sunday!

  2. I saw this too. If we give men the space to express their support, they will. There are enough men that support women, but they are overshadowed within society by the men that do not.

  3. Players are wearing pink again today! Yes!