Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Female Independence and the NEED to Hook-Up Jennifer Aniston

An interesting article came out of OK magazine yesterday: “Experts Analyze Jennifer Aniston’s Love Life.” It appears many people are set on finding Aniston’s next man. Apparent dating “experts” from Patti Stanger of the Millionaire Matchmaker, author Andrea Syrtash, radio host Patrick Meagher, and Jennifer Armstrong of Sirensmag.com all provided their best advice for Aniston.

While Meagher made a joke out of the situation, both Stanger and Syrtash pinpointed an exact type of guy that would be good Aniston. Armstrong was the only one to offer the possibility that Aniston can and should have control over her own dating life.

Why is it that so many Americans are invested in finding Aniston’s next beau? Why do so many people feel unsettled by Aniston’s single status?

The stigma of successful and single women runs rampant in our society. The idea of a woman having complete independence from men (both financially and sexually) is still frightening to many; thus this thinking that it is only right for women like Aniston to be with a man.

Furthermore, the fact that Aniston, whose relationship with Brad Pitt was once the epitome of a happy, successful, heterosexual couple, is now single also seems to frighten many people. The OK article cites PopEater’s finding that “over 270,000 people, according to Google, still search for ‘Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt together’ each month.”

The inability to let go of the Aniston-Pitt pairing reveals the need for many people to have is once considered perfect model of dating back. This perpetuates the idea that Aniston should be dating a man and as well as the idea that the ideal relationship is between two financially successful, idealistically beautiful, and heterosexual couple.

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