Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pornography: a sure way to be turned OFF!

This week I saw the movie The Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality & Relationships. This movie explored the dangers of pornography and the effects it has on society. I was frightened to find out that the future of pornography is violence. The movie inferred that the watchers of pornography replicate the same acts they see in these pornographic films, pictures, etc. This means that men are learning to have sex with women in dominate, unnatural, and often violent manners. There is then a cyclical reaction. As men begin to have sex with women in these disturbing ways, women learn to be treated in these ways. Women begin to exert their femininity by allowing their sexual partners to dominate and abuse them.

After the film, I was thankful for an answer. Pornography has always disturbed me, but I didn’t understand how or why because it is often not talked about. In the rare instance that I could talk to friends about pornography, I found that most women didn’t care that their partners were avid watchers. It wasn’t that they liked it, but they just accepted it, saying that it is “men’s nature” that “makes” them so sexually driven and as a result, needing pornography. I wasn’t satisfied with this answer, but I didn’t have the support of those around me to help me figure out why. This movie gave me more of an answer than I expected. Although I was both saddened and terrified by the movie, it offered a bigger perspective on the pornographic world and the effects it has on its viewers.

I challenge men to rethink how they treat their feminine partners during intercourse; I also challenge women to relearn their worth and to not let men treat them this way. I encourage everyone to boycott pornography and to stop this violent cycle today!

To get more information about the movie, go here.

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  1. I agree that we need to stop this maltreatment and need to come to the realization that this may be in the future if we don't stop it. I went to the screening too, and was disgusted by what porn has become. I have never enjoyed it or really understood why people watch it, but I guess that is a choice people make.