Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Masculine Side of Michelle Obama: Take No Prisoners!

Michelle Obama is breaking a lot of norms these days! Even though she is still referred to as “the first lady,” which is a bit condescending considering that she is defined solely on her husband’s position rather than her own, she has been taking a more aggressive position on getting the Olympics 2016 to be held in Chicago.

In an interview with CNN, she stated, “It’s a battle—we’re going to win—take no prisoners.” This forceful stance can surely be taken as a more masculine one; I appreciate her willingness to take charge.

Her independence was also noted in this interview. Referring the joint work she is doing with her husband on this project, she joked, “We're not going to do a joint poem together.” The first lady is taking a step to equalize while separating herself from her husband, what a progressive move!

Thanks Michelle!

To see the CNN article, go here.

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